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2004-05-08 - 7:14 a.m.

'Kay. Time for some writing in my diary again. This time in english.

Dont ask me why im doing this. I suck at english. Atleast spelling it. But... what the heck. I'll write some anyway.

sometimes when I dont know how to spell a word, I ask Anno to help me :P Had quite a good laugh those times. there's lots of words I dont know how to spell. ^^' Oh well... Who cares. And who cares about that little flirp, flurp thingy: '

Hm. sup then? Well, not much. Im just sitting here. Its like 7 am in the morning. I gotta go to bed soon. Have to pack clothes and stuff today. You guys who dont know, Im going to linköping to have an operation/surgery... call it whatever you want.

Kinda scary you think? Nah. S'ok. I've done it before. But I hate... I mean. -hate- when they have to fix the spine. Thats the operation that hurts the most.

Gah. But it'll be fine.

So... what more? Well, still adicted to Buffy. Its so awesome! Much better then you first think.

Bloody hell! Watch it, mate! Im really gonna miss it. Im making my bro record every episode Im missing these 2 weeks Im gone ^^

I am such a bastard. *smirk*

Well, well. ...Lets see now. What more? O.o

I changed my info at Hoggy today. Wrote some new stuff about friends. (: Wrote a little to Anno.

Kai! Supreme Kai! Feel her power ^^ Kaiy! Shes such a good friend.


Hm, more? I dunno. The plan for today is basicly to sleep, pack, help my brother pack... then sit at the computer and say goodbye to every1 :'( Dont wanna! I am going to miss then so much!

Wääuuuuu! Poor me.

Poor lonley Maccaronii.

But of course there is some Hoggylists coming to visit me at the hospital. So thats okay. One of my very first readers of my slash is even comming. :D Can! A dear friend to me.

Im so happy I got to know her. I think it was faith or something.

Anyway. I remember two thing now. 1. I got married yesterday morning! At Hoggy that is ;)

With Gilmo! :'D Shes an angel. Really!

And then we talked all night. And we had a party in the forum at Hoggy :D Kaiy was there too.

Then we talked about our friends ;) like, The White Tomato, The Pink Cucumber, The Blue Banana, (me)The Boiling Maccaroni and of course :D Supreme Kai! Well, anyway, then Gilmo turn into The Green Carrot ;) So now we're like one big family.

Awesome, again!

And 2. I found this cute place where I like to hang out nowadays. ^^'

Theres a cute little lake there. And some trees and stuff. ^^' So beautiful. I cant wait to see that place in the summer, with all the bright colors and the grass... :D

Oh well... ^^ I better say good bye to Gilmo and Kai now and go to bed.

I guess Im not going to do that... but I'll write it anyway :P

Buh bye! *waves*


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