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2004-09-02 - 4:10 p.m.

That's so kawaii ^w^

I just read my old entries again. Aw. I was so silly back then :P And... "back then" isn't very far back. ^^ I even deleted a few. I just couldn't stand 'em :P

The english entry was fun. Hehe. It kinda sucked big, big... huge, time. At least my english is better now ;) Though it probably still sucks. But... it IS better. So shaddap :P

Yes... ^^ So, what's new? I dunno. Had the worst night of my life this Tuesday. But s'ok now.

I still watch BuffyTVS. It rocks. ^^;

Though, I got 'spoiled' yesterday. as in "spoiler". My fault really... but still ^^ dang! And now I can't tell her... my friend at Hoggy; DogLaika. And that makes me so frustrated >.<

But I'll manage. I think it'll happen this season, so I don't have to wait -that- long. ^^

Woot. I talked more to Kai & Marty, of course. They're so sweet. Did I mention I love 'em? ^^; 'Cause I do. Did you hear that, guys? ^^' I love you!

...Euhm. School's okay. Boring people, but still okay. And... and I never really liked you anyway... and... and, you have stupid hair.

...XD Sorry. That's actually a quote from BluffyTVS ^^' the part about school was my own words, but the thing after that is the quote... :P It's Spike who's in denial that he has a crush on Bluffy XD

Well... suckers. I'm off to... well. Shaddap! At least I'm not staying here, that's for sure. Gah ;) Bye.

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