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2004-09-06 - 7:35 a.m.

So, I'm back. My head is just spinning right now. Swedish and english is just messing up my brain right now. It's all mixed up. First of all, I've been writing the fifth part of my BMSKfic. That stands for Banana, Mac, Supreme Kai, of course. It's been ages since I wrote on that one. So it was fun. But now I'm pretty sure I had enough of that. I'd better wait some time again, before I write part six. The deal is just... I wrote the whole thing in english. So english is very much, indeed, in my head now. Yet... swedish is, too. Can't help it. I mean, I -do- actually -live- in Sweden, so...

I guess I'll probably mess up this entry just because the language is so messed up in my head now. But I hope you'll be able to read it anyway.

And oh - yes. It's past 7:30am. So, again, I'm a bit... tired. Not so sleepy though, more as in... tired of thinking. Hm. I'm not tired physically - I'm tired... mentally. Or what's the word/spelling/whatever?

Anyboo... I mean O.o; hoo. I read my first Bluffyslash yesterday. Or wait... This seems familiar. I didn't write it, already. Did I? Oh well. I loved it, anyway. It was so fluffy, cute and romantic. I just adore it. I guess most ppl know that about me. I mean... that I love corny stuff. I love romantic stuff.

And now I'm in deep need of O'boy; chocolate milk, that is. So I think I'll run off to the kitchen to get some. Then I can continue to write this nothing.

...So all right. I'm back. Did ya notice I was gone? No? Then you're a lucky bastard.

Anyway, what was I saying? Oh, yes. About the yaoi fic. Hm. Well, I guess everyone knows that, too: that I love slash. But I mostly read Harry Potter slash. Or just slash.. like... slash. Uhm. Not a fan fiction slash ^^; just... slash in general. ...Uhm. I think I'd better shut up know, eh?

The point is... I've never read Bluffy slash. First... I didn't even consider it. I really just wanted Bluffy and her friends to be... Bluffy and friends. But then I started to think about it. Maybe it would be fun X) and then a friend of mine has been bugging me about reading it. So, I finally hit the search button and desided to try it. I didn't find what I was looking for, though. No. The pairing I found was kind of different. -And- it was NC-17. I really didn't want my first one to be NC-17. I was thinking more of... PG - PG-13 - maybe R. But even though it was a weird pairing, high rating and had spoilers up the the end of season six (I've only seen up to the middle of fifth) I still read it. And I was right. Neither of that stuff mattered. It was totally cute. And I'm really glad I picked that fic as my first X) Mwahahah!

Yes... and then what more about this BMSK fic? Well. Kai came online sometime around 3-4, I think it was. I don't remember so well when it is about -when- stuff happened. :P ...Well. Yes. so she got to read the fic first. What an honour for her ;)

She laughed many times and quoted a few lines from it which she really liked. And I was just so bloody proud that she found it amusing. 'Cause that's what I wanted, most of all. Now I'm just dying to find out what Marty will think. Oh, and I asked Kai to look out for typos, too. And she found some. So she helped me fix it. X) Now I have this document called "The gang story 5 edited". It rocks X) Thanks for the help, dear, sweet Kai.

Besides those computer-related things... stuff is kinda messy, too. Back at home it's just... messy, right know. Kai and Marty knows all about it. Actually, no one else knows. Did you even know that, guys? I mean, that you're the only ones who knows? (*gonks* Lots of 'know' there) 'Cause you are. I dunno if that makes you feel special or anything. But, you should feel special. 'Cause that's what you are. If you weren't, I'd never have told you. I trust you. You're like my best friends ever. <.< Meep! I really care for you.

...and now I'm too corny for my own good, huh? I just can't help it.

I just realized Rix MorronZoo is on the radio. I love that morning show. Always makes me laugh. It's been on for two hours. I just forgot all about it. But I'm listening right now. It's nice. It makes me feel like it's winter again. Everything does. This morning... my moms alarmclock went off, and I was still awake. I told Kai it was like deja vu, and then said the classical line I always said at winter. "Uhoh. my moms alarm clock just went off. *gonks* *hides behind Kai* I'm dead meat!" Exactly like when I was... sick-listed. Or whatever to call it. Is that what it's called? ^^' I don't know anything. Anyway... when I was home before the surgery, I was up till 10am mostly every night. Kai left around 6-7am, about the same time my mom went off to work. Sometimes Kai even stayed till 8, though. Most of the time, I stayed up, even though she'd left. I listened to Rix MorronZoo and I was truly happy. I remember how I used to look out the window, watching the morning-ppl take a walk on the ice, which was covered with snow, almost all over. I liked that. The bright mornings, the snow that glowed as the sun shone down on it.

It feels like that moment again. It's bright now... the radio's playing cute songs... and my mom's just off to work. But now when I look out the window, I see water. It feels wrong somehow. Yet it feels better than to see snow. Snow is pretty, but it means it's cold. I like summer better... I think. It's easier for me to be outside, and all. And I can go to Storforsen X) -That's- kind of hard to do when it's winter.

Woot. And now I have to sleep so I can get up till Bluffy's on. That's like 5pm. So I need a few hours sleep. That, too, is exactly like it was in the wintertime. Because I was up so late (or early, whatever) I slept a few hours in the middle of the day, and woke up right before it was time to watch Bluffy.

I took an one hour walk recently, too. It was nice, I guess. But it was cold, windy.. and messy. So that kinda sucked. But it was better than staying at home. My mom made my crazy. So I just took my jacket and left. I walked to that cute favorite place of mine. The one with the cute little lake, and all of that. If it hadn't rained before, making the ground wet... then I would've sat down there for a while. But since the ground -was- wet... I didn't. I kept walking... and walking. So I walked for an hour. Just needed time to think. I didn't manage to get much thinking done, though. So it was almost pointless.

And now I'm just babbling. Sorry :P

This sure is a looooong entrie. O.o

I think I get like this when I sleep too little :P Not good. Yet... well, whatever.

I think I'm going to sleep now :)

^^ At least I had a great day. Uhm... I think. Let's say it like this: at least I had a great night.

...No. But that's right. I remember this "morning". I woke up at 4:30pm and then I ate "breakfast" and sat at the comp/internet, chatting. ^^ So that's all right. A good day, as far as I can tell. -and- a good night X)

"Yay for the heroes!" - quote BMSK, part five.

All right :P I'll get some real breakfast now. Not just O'boy. And I can listen some more to Rix MorronZoo, then. And after that, I'll go to bed.

Oh my friggin' god! O.O; It's 8:54 am now. It was 7:35 when I begun to write O.O;;; I CAN'T have been writing this entry for that long. Or? ...It is a pretty long entry... so. Well O.o; Golly!

Anyhoo, good night dear... friends? Um. Yes, my friends, too. But just all readers in general. :P Sleep tight.


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