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2015-12-04 - 9:28 p.m.

Well, holy balls.

Here we are again. It's been a few years. This time I didn't "discover" the site or anything, this time I thought of it all on my own.

See, thing is that I'm rewatching Beyblade and my next episode is the season one episode "Breaking the Ice." I remember writing shit about it here all those years ago when I first watched it.

I knew beforehand that it was going to be angsty and dramatic because I was fuck-deep into fandom at that time. I knew about shit before it even happened. Well, I'd heard vague details, at least, and I was looking forward to it a lot.

I just wanted to know what I'd said back then.

At first I tried to sign in to post an entry and guess how well that went? Yeah, no, I didn't remember my password at first and the password recovery link didn't work. But I tried another password I'd used for two sites back in the day and that was it, amazingly enough.


Not much has changed. I'm older, I swear more, but I'm still watching kid shows and shipping two cartoon teenage boys with each other. #yep

And using hashtags outside of Twitter and Tumblr.

Adorable how my last post mentioned Livejournal and Myspace. ... MySpace? Myspace? Whatever. Yeah, Mac, because those were the popular sites, not Diaryland. Beautiful. Truly.

As for character crushes I haven't really had any major ones since Daniel. I guess the closest I can compare anything to now is a few hockey players I admire? Feels awkward to compare fictional crushes with a real people, but meh.

I worked for a while at a preschool, in other adult news, and looked into completing my grades from gymnasiet. So there's that brewin'.

In any case, I'm going to fuck off into the night. :) Take care, if anyone reads this.


Well, I found a lot of Beyblade things so far, and here's the first mention of what I actually came here for:

*shifty eyes*
But I didn't come here to talk about Buffy.
Actually I came here to talk about Beyblade--

I'm sorry. It's just that my inner fangirl is starting to get all giddy. Last time Beyblade was aired I missed the one episode I wanted to see the most. I've heard so much about it. And then I miss it! Argh!
So, now.. it's exactly one weeks to go. Seven days. Then it's time to break the ice!

'Breaking the Ice' is
the episode.
Everything starts with the Kai-leaving-drama. When they get to Russia (which they finally did in today's episode) everything gets really interesting. Kai gets manipulated, leaves his team to join the Blitzkrieg Boys (awesome team) goes slightly evil and...
..Basically joins forces to try to take over the world. (Power is also crack!!!)

It was during/after the episode 'Losing Kai' that I became a fan of the pairing TyKa. I mean.. COME ON. It's so canon! I had to surrender to the obvious.

Poor Tyson cries so much over Kai while the others are just cranky.
He saves Kai in the end... in more ways than one. In 'Breaking the Ice' he literally saves his life. <3 Naw.

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