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2006-01-31 - 12:39 p.m.

Hello. I'm back again.

You know... I just read my latest entry and I realized how much more fun it is to read now that it's sane.
It's just silly when it is all hyper "omgwtfgjgdhg XDXD".
Don't you think?

Actually I felt like doing that a while ago. But I resisted it.
See, there is this show on the radio here in sweden... It's the most popular of all radio shows and I've listened to it for about six years.
There is one woman named Titti Schultz and two men. Gert Fylking, an older man and Roger Nordin. The handsome 30-something guy. He's my favorite. Quite a lovely voice he has too.
Now... Seeing as how I am a yaoi fangirl... I sort of freaked out when he came out. Yes! In the middle of it all. I almost died on the spot.

Yeah. So now it's all about Buffy, Beyblade, yaoi and Roger-being-gay in my life.
I think my friends are getting a little bit tired of my ranting. Aren't you?

Also, something completely different. I watched the serie 'Prisonbreak" for the first time last night. I've missed the first few episodes. So it was kind of confusing some of it.
But it was good. I liked it. I suppose I'll start watching it from now on. That is also Roger, Titti and Gert's fault. They talk about it every morning. They have a thing for it... So I thought "hey, it must be great. I'll give it a try."

And the most important thing.. I suppose. I'm moving!
Yes, it's not especially far. Not to another town or anything dramatic like that. It is~ about 20 minutes by car from the place I live now.
I am so going to miss this apartment. I've really come to love it dearly. But at the same time it's really exciting... This whole moving thing.
Today, in about an hour actually, I get to see the new apartment.
Can you believe that I'm moving tomorrow and I haven't seen the apartment yet? How crazy isn't that? I mean, I have seen it... Like in the sense of where the rooms are and.. Stuff... That I have no idea what it is called in english. But yes. So I'm not completely in the dark, you know.
But it is a bit scary I must say.

I'm trying to be effective and cram as much crap updates in this entry as I can... So I move from one topic to another fairly fast.

Beyblade is on a rerun again. It really got popular when Kanal 5 started airing it. Since I don't have Cartoon Network I'm really greatful that Kanal 5 bought the serie and started airing it.
It changed my life. Literally. Heh...
I sort of renewed my first blade again, too. The spinning top toy itself.
Yeah, I've got two of them so far... If you didn't know.
Anyway~ so now it's blue and white. The green and yellow didn't really work. Not that shade of green anyway. ...and the paint sucked. Just fell off basically. Horrible.
Next one I buy... I think I'll make it green and yellow... But better. Promise.

Then... There was-- Ah! Of course.
See, the fate of has been uncertain for a while. The two amazing sisters Glay and Techno Ranma who created this wonderful board have been off to college. Always busy, busy... You know it.
It's been slow at the forum and several people have been a little sloppy with the rules. But it's been decent enough... and several of us are still there daily! Still active and happy.
But then it finally came. The Post of Doom.
Ranma, as she goes by, posted a topic saying that they were now thinking about closing the site since neither one of them had the time needed for it. So they were asking what we thought about that. Did we want to keep it open... Or should it be closed down?
Of course no one willingly stood up and said "close it!". So there was talk about finding new administrators and moderators.
One new mod was chosen: Setsuna! Congratulations to her!
Then--- Ranma made a statement that she was coming back!!! Even Glay posted once or twice.
So, will remain open! n_n That made me happy. That made all of us TyKa fans happy.

I've become such a Gaia slut, too. is one of my new homes. I'm basically there every day for hours.

That's is, you know. I'm officially a Gaia, radio slut!
I listen to the radio almost 24/7.
Speaking of. Back to the Roger thing for a moment. Today is a great day!
The Gay Gala was yesterday evening... and our very own Mr. Roger Nordin was nominated for 'Årets Homo' (like, gay of the year. This years homo.. or something. You get it...) and anyway~ gosh!
He made it! He is Årets Homo! He was so happy... Titti was so happy. On the way home in the cab she told us she cried. Tears of joy, my friend! This has been a long road for Roger... and after knowing him for 12 years. Well, she's doomed to cry.
Usually the morning starts off with Roger saying hello at 5.55am, then he presents the news... and after the news-guy is done he and Titti starts airing for real. From six to ten a.m.
Gert, the older guy, joins about an hour later. Around seven that is.
But this morning... The voice belonged to Titti. I was so surprised. It was really funny listening to her alone in the studio trying to figure out what some of the buttons did. Finally... After the news, commercials and two songs... She told us listeners!
Apparently she'd told Roger yesterday to stay home and sleep for another hour the next morning... Because he was all ecstatic... Because he Won, durnit!!

So it's been a happy, happy day for me as well.
And in about an hour my mother and I are going to pick up the keys to our new apartment. Then I'll get to see it for the first time ever. I think I know which room I want. >:] I just hope it's not horrible. Then I'll have to take the other room.
If that room is horrible too... Then I'll live in the bathroom-- I love bathrooms... And if not THERE... then I'll go die.
Or, you know, probably not.

I just have to mention my brother as well. I am going to make him read this... Even thought my grammar suck... And he might have stopped reading. Anyway, because this is a lot easier than telling him all of this over msn or the phone.
So, credit to my brother and his lovely gal Mabel... Because when they were here for Christmas I was really happy. I never have as much fun like when they are around.
We took a walk one night - all three of us - and I just talked and talked.. and talked. I was like Roger-- Ecstatic.
Also. xD They gave me a digital camera as a Christmas present. Dude... HAPPY!

A shout out to Kai and Marty--!
'Cause I always mention them.
( No wonder everyone irl thinks I'm in love with Marty~ and all online thinks I'm in love with Kai xD; )

Then... Just... bye!
Until next time.
*runs away to steal stuff*


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